2.14.2019 Lazarus 2.0.0 Released - With Many Tiny Changes

Lazarus 2.0 has been released. It is the second major release with FPC 3.0.4. It has many new minor changes to look for.

12.15.2018 How to Create Multilingual Programs in Lazarus

Hola, ciĆ o, bonjour! Today we're making our program speak different languages!

5.01.2018 Spotlight: CudaText - A Hot Replacement for Sublime Text, Written in Lazarus

Care for a replacement of Sublime Text, but Open Source? We got you covered...!

1.27.2018 How to make a Simple Video Player in Lazarus

We like to watch videos. How about playing videos on our own player? In this article, we are going to create a fun, simple video player.

12.16.2017 Lazarus 1.8 Released - With New Icons and High DPI Support

Lazarus 1.8 has been released. It is the first version with FPC 3.0.4. It has many visible and under the hood changes.

12.15.2017 Supercharge Your Beginner Friends with this E-Book!

Many have the will to start learning Lazarus, but could not find an easy way to start. This e-book will give them the fuel to get started.

5.20.2017 Make a simple Image Zoomer in 5 minutes!

Zooming is kind of fun! Here is a 5 minute image zoom tutorial with mouse scroll fun!

6.22.2016 How to detect Mouse Events outside your Form

Form design for Systemwide mouse event capture in Free Pascal, Lazarus
In this article we find out what the user is doing with his mouse, even outside of the program. Let's conquer the whole system!

4.25.2016 How to Make a Text Scroller Animation

At the end of a movie or in our application, we could use some text scrolling fun! But how to do that? Let's see...

9.16.2015 Create a web browser in 3 minutes using Chromium engine! (fpCEF3)

We'll learn how to create a web browser even quicker than you can install one! All using the people's favorite chromium engine!
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