11.18.2014 Find out the smallest number from two numbers

minimum number between two numbers in Lazarus, Free Pascal
This is usually a very basic task for beginner programmers. Find out the smaller from two numbers.

10.16.2014 Lazarus 1.2.6 (with FPC 2.6.4) Released!

Lazarus 1.2.6 has been released. It is the third version with FPC 2.6.4. It is basically a bug fix release but worth upgrading.

10.13.2014 Find out if the Computer is Connected to the Internet

If you are doing something that depends on an internet connection, you would probably want to check if internet is available. That's what we are going to detect today.

10.04.2014 Create a Pong game for yourself

Pong game
Everybody likes to play games. It gets even better if you play the game you made yourself.

9.03.2014 A Simple JSON Parsing Example

Can't get enough of JSONs? Crunch some JSON data with this simple code!

8.31.2014 How to set the Desktop Wallpaper

Do you know how to change a single image and change the whole feeling of how your computer looks? Get your seatbelt on!

8.25.2014 How to Create a Form That Always Stays on Desktop

Discover the path to cool widget programming. Learn how to show your form only on desktop and nowhere else. Great for Widgets and To-do apps.

7.30.2014 OOP Example: Artificial Persons that Respond!

Today we create bionic, robotic, futuristic human beings! That can even respond to your question! A virtual TPerson to be precise!

7.22.2014 What are Classes and What They Can Do for You

Learn one of the most powerful features of any language. We will be talking about things that come alive! Plus, learn how to build a robot with the keystrokes!

6.21.2014 Lazarus 1.2.4 (with FPC 2.6.4) Released!

Lazarus 1.2.4 has been released. It is the second version with FPC 2.6.4. It is basically a bug fix release but worth upgrading.

6.13.2014 How to make a simple Analog Clock

Digital clocks are cool. But Analog clocks are cooler... when you make them yourself! In this little article we are gonna create an analog clock!

5.24.2014 How to show your program on System Tray!

Some programs can minimize, but some very special programs can squeeze themselves to the system tray! Users can even use right click menu to do most of the stuff while minimized.

5.19.2014 Post-mortem of a Lazarus Project

How do Lazarus projects work? Each Project file have their own purpose. Today, we do an autopsy or a post-mortem to learn about their function!

4.14.2014 Shape Your Form Into Anything!

Forms are rectangular, right? In this article we prove it wrong. We will turn our form into circle, triangle and what not!

3.24.2014 How to compress an Image to JPG (w/o preview)

Today we'll make a JPEG compressor. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? It can convert and compress from any other image formats too!

3.05.2014 Lazarus 1.2 (with FPC 2.6.2) Released!

The long awaited stable version Lazarus 1.2 has been released yesterday. It has FPC 2.6.2 like its previous versions. It has huge number of improvements. Plus, it can have multiple installations in Windows.

3.03.2014 How to Open a Folder in Windows Explorer

We often need to open a directory/folder in a File Manager to show its contents. Today we learn how to run Windows Explorer to automatically show the content of a directory of our choice.

2.26.2014 Links added to Sidebar which lets you Search as well!

As a Lazarus user we know how often some links we visit. And typing them again and again is a daunting task for lazy programmers like us! ;-) So LazPlanet introduced a new Links section in the sidebar so that necessary links stay always on the homepage and you can click them and enjoy the ride.

2.21.2014 How to make your form Fullscreen & Restore

Lazarus Fullscreen Form project source code + article
Fullscreen is a common option in many of the popular programs we use. Today we learn the simple trick of making our program fullscreen.

2.20.2014 How to Show / Hide the Windows Taskbar with Lazarus

If you want to build some uncommon software which needs hiding the taskbar then check out this article.

2.13.2014 Run Free Pascal programs without installing compiler (online)

Today we explore a painless online solution for running your Free Pascal programs online, without installing and configuring a compiler yourself! Neat!

1.12.2014 How to make your form Always on Top

We learn how to make our forms stay Always on Top so that it always stays shown on screen. It is good for projects where live information is shown or sometimes just for fun!
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