7.31.2013 How to get Computer Running Time

If you are reading this text then most probably you have your computer turned on. But for how long? You can get the time for how long the computer is running for.

7.22.2013 How to use tabs in your form

Tabs are a good way to tidy up your form and give a perfect look to a hundred checkboxes. Today we learn how to use this inevitable UI element in our forms.

7.16.2013 How to Crop an Image and Save to file

Not every pixel of a photo is important. Sometimes we need to just crop out some of the area of a photo. We learn how to crop an image and save the cropped version in a file.

7.07.2013 How to list the files in a folder + FileBrowser2 sample

We all have these gigabytes and terabytes of hard disks in our computers. But what's the use of this huge storage if we cannot see where our files are and in which folder they are located? Of course we can. With our very own IDE, Lazarus!
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