12.30.2013 Create a Digital Clock that Talks!

Digital Clock in Lazarus, that speaks!
We are going to make a digital clock that has LCD Screen looking digits. Not only that. It can also speak the time!

12.24.2013 Create a Rich Text Editor for Yourself this Christmas!

penguin, linux, word processor
In this holiday, gift yourself a nice little word processor that you can use yourself! You can further develop it. It happily supports Unicode and lets you learn the use of Toolbar, RichMemo, ImageLists, File Save Management and more.

12.13.2013 How to list all the Fonts easily

Fonts are a very attractive customization option. It is essential in text editing programs. Changing the font by code is easy, but listing them? Today we'll see how to list all the fonts in a TListBox.
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