12.30.2013 Create a Digital Clock that Talks!

Digital Clock in Lazarus, that speaks!
We are going to make a digital clock that has LCD Screen looking digits. Not only that. It can also speak the time!

12.24.2013 Create a Rich Text Editor for Yourself this Christmas!

penguin, linux, word processor
In this holiday, gift yourself a nice little word processor that you can use yourself! You can further develop it. It happily supports Unicode and lets you learn the use of Toolbar, RichMemo, ImageLists, File Save Management and more.

12.13.2013 How to list all the Fonts easily

Fonts are a very attractive customization option. It is essential in text editing programs. Changing the font by code is easy, but listing them? Today we'll see how to list all the fonts in a TListBox.

11.03.2013 Create a Web Browser in Lazarus with Gecko (Part 2)

Web browsers are our daily thing. We browse the internet through them. But what about making our own browser? That we are going to do.

10.29.2013 Create a Web Browser in Lazarus with Gecko (Part 1)

What web browsers do for us? They let us browse the internet, serve some wicked features that we love and let us customize them as we wish. Well, now it's time to make your own and customize it even further!

10.19.2013 How to use Arrays in Lazarus/FPC

Arrays in Lazarus/FPC
Come, discover the wonderful way to store and manage virtual lists on the computer memory.

8.05.2013 3 ways to use Popup Menus in Lazarus

Popup menu thumbnail
Pop Up menus pop when you right click on the application somewhere to make available the quick jobs in a menu. We explore 3 ways of using popup menus in Lazarus.

7.31.2013 How to get Computer Running Time

If you are reading this text then most probably you have your computer turned on. But for how long? You can get the time for how long the computer is running for.

7.22.2013 How to use tabs in your form

Tabs are a good way to tidy up your form and give a perfect look to a hundred checkboxes. Today we learn how to use this inevitable UI element in our forms.

7.16.2013 How to Crop an Image and Save to file

Not every pixel of a photo is important. Sometimes we need to just crop out some of the area of a photo. We learn how to crop an image and save the cropped version in a file.

7.07.2013 How to list the files in a folder + FileBrowser2 sample

We all have these gigabytes and terabytes of hard disks in our computers. But what's the use of this huge storage if we cannot see where our files are and in which folder they are located? Of course we can. With our very own IDE, Lazarus!

6.28.2013 How to create an airbrush tool for drawing

Airbrush tool in Lazarus IDE
You know how to draw like a pencil and circles and rectangles and stuff. But how do you make an airbrush tool in Lazarus? Here's how...

6.22.2013 How to capture Mouse Wheel scroll

lazarus mouse wheel example
Mouse wheel is very common in modern day mouse. It helps us scroll text, image and sometimes do something amazing in 3D software. So how do we know when the user has scrolled the mouse wheel?

6.17.2013 How to draw text on a canvas

Tutorial and Example code on Drawing Text on a Canvas in Lazarus
We can use TLabel to show any text just to show any text, not editing. But what could we do to show text on a canvas? Then we would need to draw the text. Here's how...

6.14.2013 Lazarus 1.0.10 (with FPC 2.6.2) Released!

Another release of the 1.x stable version Lazarus 1.0.10 has been released. It has FPC 2.6.2 like its previous version. It is generally a bugfix version. It is good to see Lazarus releasing more updates for the stable version.

6.11.2013 How to create a Basic Paint Software in Lazarus

Today, in our special post, we see how to create a basic paint software in Lazarus with some basic drawing tools and Open, Save, Resize options. A must see for Lazarians!

6.09.2013 How to Roll a Dice in your Program

Roll a dice Lazarus software code - decoration
Learn how to Roll a Dice in your own program and stay ahead in the Game! We learn how to use an Image List to store the images (self-contained) in the program and show the images on a TImage. (Images are included in sample zip file. Easy-peasy!)

6.04.2013 Dragging a Form by its body

Moving a window is not new! We move windows by its title bar at the top. But what if we want to move a window/form by dragging its body? Could we remove the title bar of our form and have fancy interface going on? Yes. And here's how...

6.03.2013 Create a Simple File Browser in 2 Minutes!

File folder icon
File browsers are very useful in our everyday lives. What if you can create a file browser in 2 Minutes? ...without writing code? Yes! That's how we do it in Lazarus.

5.31.2013 Highlight a part or all of Text in TEdit

Select text article thumb
Sometimes highlighting or selecting some part, not all, becomes necessary. We look into the method of how we can do it.

5.29.2013 How to Scribble with a Virtual Pencil

Scribble pencil art decoration
Drawing is fun. Learn how to create a drawing software that can let the user draw like a pencil in a virtual canvas in his computer screen. We are also going to use colors!

5.26.2013 How to get Drag and Drop files on your Program

drag and drop on a window
You can drag and drop files to softwares, that's old news. But can you drag & drop files over YOUR own software? Yes. And we learn how to...

5.24.2013 How to get the files/folders inside a ZIP file

Ever wanted to make your own Zip Viewer? In this article we look at a simple code for listing the files/folders inside a ZIP file, without any third party libraries.

5.23.2013 How to Generate Random Number (with/without a range)

Random numbers
Do you know what face of dice is going to come up before throwing? That's what random means. We learn how to create a program that shows a random number each time you click a button.

5.22.2013 We have a Facebook Page for you guys!

LazPlanet Facebook Page Like button
Facebook is something the trendy people can't live without. Now LazPlanet also has a Facebook Page. The link is available at the top of this website. Check it out!

5.20.2013 Partial List search technique

Partial list search in Lazarus
Lists are interesting to do programing tricks. In this session we learn how to search partial inputs with only the first part of the list items.

5.19.2013 Simple List search program

Simple list search in Lazarus
Searching a list is one of computer's specialties. If you are a programer, you at least need to know this simple list search technique.

5.17.2013 How to install Castle Game Engine in Lazarus (Installation Guide with Screenshots)

Castle is a mouth watering and exciting 3D Game Engine for Lazarus. It can show, modify, animate X3D, Collada, 3DS, VRML, OBJ and more 3D formats. Start your 3D programing life, now...!

5.16.2013 A simple Celsius to Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter

Another good way to practice your programing skills- Celsius to Fahrenheit converter. There is a good formula for the conversion which makes it easy to create converter programs. We have a basic console program...

5.15.2013 How to use Text and Background Color in FPC

Using colors in Free Pascal console apps
Console applications are not of entertaining type. They have that whitish dull color in a black background. But who says you cannot change it! Here is a tip to change the text color of console programs.

5.14.2013 Measure the Angle of a Line

Find Angle from two points
When you draw a line, does that come to you that how many degrees is that line? How much is it steep or flat? Learn through your own program.

5.13.2013 Animate the Move of an Object

Component Move Animation in Lazarus
You have seen Windows 8 panels sliding and disappearing in and out of the screen. Now create such effects for your program! Here's a handy little procedure...

5.12.2013 Clear all edit boxes in a form

Reset values thumbnail
It is a tedious job to create a "Reset Form" button and recall all the names of the Editboxes in the form. So we let Lazarus do that for us! ... with only 3 lines of code!

5.11.2013 Create a Form Fade in Effect

Forms are a bit boring sometimes, right? Spice it a little bit with a Fade In animation effect on startup. That boring square area of form will amuse the users a bit more.

5.10.2013 Average Calculation with List of Numbers (GUI)

Average calculation is a easy formula to practice your programing skills. We have seen a CLI average calculator program of unlimited numbers, now its time for a GUI project.

5.09.2013 Calculate Average of Unlimited Numbers

We have seen a lot of average calculation programs. They have limit to their numbers of input. So we have a code that will let you enter number to your heart's content.

5.08.2013 How to Install Lazarus 1.0.8 on Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring)

Ubuntu 13.04 has been released recently but its repo has an outdated version of Lazarus ( Lazarus is at version 1.0.8 stable with FPC 2.6.2. This guide serves you as an installation guide to having the best of both worlds. Learn how to get the Latest Lazarus running in your latest Ubuntu.

5.07.2013 How to Add, Delete, Clear Items of a ListBox

Learn how to manipulate a list
Learn how to code a program to list different things. Make your own lists with your own program! Utilize this article to list many things that you have never listed before!

5.06.2013 How to show ToolTip, Balloon Tip and other short help text

Tooltip icon decoration
Tooltips are text that appears as a short help for a component when we keep our mouse over it for a while. We can add single line or multiline tooltips easily. Here's how...

5.05.2013 Image Copy Paste: Storing an Image in Clipboard & Retrieving it

In paint programs, we see a function to copy an image to clipboard and paste it from there. Paste an image from anywhere, Photoshop, Firefox in your own program! Here's how...

5.04.2013 A Simple Image Viewer from Start to Finish

Today we are going to make a simple image viewer. It will have a lot of functionality but with only 5 lines of code!

5.02.2013 How to Cut Copy Paste Text with code

Word processors and even browsers have cut, copy, paste functions. You have used them many times in your life. But now make yours!

5.01.2013 A simple calculator project

There are many calculator programs out there... with hundreds of buttons to click and thousands of lines of codes to implement those functions. But in this little project we discover a simple calculator...by hand...

4.18.2013 Simple Text Search 2 (with "search next")

Another example of simple text search which implements a Search Next button, which continuously searches for the given text. Its very easy. Heres how...

4.15.2013 Simple text search

Searching is one of the tasks of programing that reduces so much of our work and hardship. Today we see a very simple string search sample code...

4.14.2013 "Shuvo Noboborsho" and here is a new mascot

Today is 14 April 2013, the first day of Bangla calendar. And in this auspicious day, an idea for a cartoon figure, as a mascot for LazPlanet has come to my mind. Here is the first image of him...

4.13.2013 How to Capitalize Text

We write the words in the middle of the sentence in lowercase letters. Capitalizing is sometimes necessary to emphasize things. Any text (or string) can be converted to uppercase (capitalize). Here's how...

4.12.2013 Make your forms transparent!

Forms are boring solid objects. But you can make it fun in many ways. One of them is transparency. Here's how...

4.09.2013 Get all running windows' titles

With this simple little code you can list the windows/software that are running. You can identify if some specific software is running or do some magic tricks with Windows API. It is up to you...

4.07.2013 How to get your mouse cursor position (+Bonus: set position also!!)

Find out if your user is pointing to left or right, top or down of the screen. If you are keen for a shock, then yes! You can also position the cursor wherever you want! Without having the user moving their mouse! Here's how
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