6.28.2013 How to create an airbrush tool for drawing

Airbrush tool in Lazarus IDE
You know how to draw like a pencil and circles and rectangles and stuff. But how do you make an airbrush tool in Lazarus? Here's how...

6.22.2013 How to capture Mouse Wheel scroll

lazarus mouse wheel example
Mouse wheel is very common in modern day mouse. It helps us scroll text, image and sometimes do something amazing in 3D software. So how do we know when the user has scrolled the mouse wheel?

6.17.2013 How to draw text on a canvas

Tutorial and Example code on Drawing Text on a Canvas in Lazarus
We can use TLabel to show any text just to show any text, not editing. But what could we do to show text on a canvas? Then we would need to draw the text. Here's how...

6.14.2013 Lazarus 1.0.10 (with FPC 2.6.2) Released!

Another release of the 1.x stable version Lazarus 1.0.10 has been released. It has FPC 2.6.2 like its previous version. It is generally a bugfix version. It is good to see Lazarus releasing more updates for the stable version.

6.11.2013 How to create a Basic Paint Software in Lazarus

Today, in our special post, we see how to create a basic paint software in Lazarus with some basic drawing tools and Open, Save, Resize options. A must see for Lazarians!

6.09.2013 How to Roll a Dice in your Program

Roll a dice Lazarus software code - decoration
Learn how to Roll a Dice in your own program and stay ahead in the Game! We learn how to use an Image List to store the images (self-contained) in the program and show the images on a TImage. (Images are included in sample zip file. Easy-peasy!)

6.04.2013 Dragging a Form by its body

Moving a window is not new! We move windows by its title bar at the top. But what if we want to move a window/form by dragging its body? Could we remove the title bar of our form and have fancy interface going on? Yes. And here's how...

6.03.2013 Create a Simple File Browser in 2 Minutes!

File folder icon
File browsers are very useful in our everyday lives. What if you can create a file browser in 2 Minutes? ...without writing code? Yes! That's how we do it in Lazarus.
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