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Lazarus Homepage
Lazarus on Wikipedia
Freepascal Homepage
Freepascal on Wikipedia
Comparison of Object Pascal and C
Major Differences Between the Syntax of C++ and Object Pascal


Lazarus IDE (with Freepascal) download:

For installing Lazarus, see this Installation Guide. It covers all the supported OSs including Windows, Linux, Mac.


Easy to follow and friendly guide for absolute beginners. It is very short and concise, has helpful graphics and easy to follow for newcomers.



Free Pascal is the key to a good Lazarus programing skill. After all, Free Pascal is the language which Lazarus depends on. When you learn Free Pascal very well you can build softwares at an impressive speed and you can convert even C or C++ libraries to Freepascal. You can create anything from powerful algorithms to graphics editing/3D softwares. So let's get started:

Freepascal Resources

A very good free pascal tutorial series: or in the wiki format:

I love this tutorial series. Although it is written for Pascal, but it is a great way to learn Free Pascal as well.

Another favorite of mine is this one: Tutorials Point Pascal Tutorial. There is also a PDF version available if you are interested.

Marco Cantù is the writer of the book "Mastering Delphi", which is the best selling book on Delphi. The book's newer versions ommited the part for Object Pascal which was included in earlier versions. So, that part is offered for free here: Marco Cantù's Essential Pascal . I enjoyed reading it. So I think you will too.

PDF Ebook on Object Pascal from:
Start Programing Object Pascal


zoubir said...

how did you install lazarus because i did install it but it didn't work..........
sudo aptitude install lazarus
sudo aptitude fpc fpc-source lcl
i used this codes above in terminal (meant )
the lazarus appears but elements (composant) does not appear...............

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