3.30.2013 How to get the EXEs path and load an Image

It is a common question. In your code, sometimes you need to define where your EXE is running from. Then you can load any file from the application's directory or subdirectories. Let's learn how to.

3.28.2013 How to add two numbers

Okey. Adding is not the first thing you did. But teaching a computer how to add two numbers is something worth learning.

3.27.2013 A Fun Vowel Detection Program!!

Have you tried finding anything in your life?! You sure did! But now we will let our program find/detect a vowel. User is asked to enter a letter until he enters a vowel. The user will be asked again and again when the user enters consonants. When the user enters a vowel, the program quits saying thanks.

3.26.2013 How to reduce .exe file size of your program

By default, Lazarus makes EXEs including debug information which makes them extremely big. You can strip out this debug information easily and make your EXEs smaller. Here's how to...

3.25.2013 Why should you learn programing/coding?

Programing is like a magic. Programmers are like wizards of future. With programing "you can ... sit down and make something completely new from scratch."-Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook) There are thousands more reasons why you should learn to code.

3.24.2013 Why do you need to use Lazarus?

What is it with Lazarus? What Lazarus has and other IDEs don't? For beginners, is it a good option? For switchers, would it be difficult to switch from other IDEs/Languages? - Read on to get the answers...

3.23.2013 How to Make Lazarus run in a Single Window

This tutorial shows you how to make lazarus run with just one window. It is a good docking solution which will be integrated in Lazarus in future, when it becomes stable.

3.20.2013 Lazarus 1.0.8 (FPC2.6.2) Released!

This release is generally a bug fix release. The most important thing is that this version supports FPC 2.6.2. So no more installing FPC yourself! And the loading time is freakin' fast!

How to install Lazarus

Lazarus is a cross-platform IDE. It runs on Windows, Ubuntu/Linux, Mac OS and BSD Operating systems.

Below is a guide of how to install Lazarus in Windows and Ubuntu (Linux).

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Welcome to LazPlanet!

Welcome to LazPlanet!

Laz Planet is devoted to providing you with Lazarus source code examples and tutorials. The categories range from everything to simple file managers, image viewers to advanced system utilities.

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