2.26.2014 Links added to Sidebar which lets you Search as well!

As a Lazarus user we know how often some links we visit. And typing them again and again is a daunting task for lazy programmers like us! ;-) So LazPlanet introduced a new Links section in the sidebar so that necessary links stay always on the homepage and you can click them and enjoy the ride.

2.21.2014 How to make your form Fullscreen & Restore

Lazarus Fullscreen Form project source code + article
Fullscreen is a common option in many of the popular programs we use. Today we learn the simple trick of making our program fullscreen.

2.20.2014 How to Show / Hide the Windows Taskbar with Lazarus

If you want to build some uncommon software which needs hiding the taskbar then check out this article.

2.13.2014 Run Free Pascal programs without installing compiler (online)

Today we explore a painless online solution for running your Free Pascal programs online, without installing and configuring a compiler yourself! Neat!
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