5.20.2017 Make a simple Image Zoomer in 5 minutes!

Zooming is kind of fun! Here is a 5 minute image zoom tutorial with mouse scroll fun!

We have 2 nifty events named OnMouseWheelUp and OnMouseWheelDown to tell when the user scrolled his mouse wheel.

Zooming is basically stretching the image to place it in a bigger area than the original. then the image looks bigger. We can use StretchDraw for this.

We can combine these 2 and you will be seeing a result before you know it!


Start Lazarus.

Create a new Application Project (Project->New Project->Application->OK).

Draw a TImage (from Additional tab). Set a picture of your choice as its Picture property.

Draw a TScrollBar. Set its HorzScrollbar->Tracking and VertScrollbar->Tracking property to True.

Draw a TPaintbox inside the TScrollbox (start drawing from inside the TScrollbox to achieve this). Place it in the most top left position (or set Top to 0, Left to 0).

Now switch to F12 to go to Code View. Add the following line just under the line TForm1 = class(TForm).
procedure DrawImage;

Put your cursor on the line and press Ctrl+Shift+C. This should elaborate the procedure automatically for you to write something in it. Write something like this:

procedure TForm1.DrawImage;
  ImageRect: TRect;
  ImageRect := Rect(0,0,(Image1.Picture.Width * ScaleFactor), (Image1.Picture.Height * ScaleFactor) );
  PaintBox1.Width := ImageRect.Right;
  PaintBox1.Height := ImageRect.Bottom;
  PaintBox1.Canvas.StretchDraw(ImageRect, image1.Picture.Bitmap);

Just under the Form1: TForm1; line, insert this code:


Now switch to Form View (F12). Double click the form and enter:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);

We will set the default ScaleFactor to 1 to show the image as is at first when it loads. Then we manipulate the value to enlarge the image.

Now go to Form View (F12). Select the TPaintBox. Go to Events and click the [...] button next to ScrollWheelDown and enter:

procedure TForm1.ScrollBox1MouseWheelDown(Sender: TObject; Shift: TShiftState;
  MousePos: TPoint; var Handled: Boolean);
  // we don't want it to be less than 1
  if ScaleFactor > 1 then begin

Now again Go to Events and click the [...] button next to ScrollWheelUp and enter:

procedure TForm1.ScrollBox1MouseWheelUp(Sender: TObject; Shift: TShiftState;
  MousePos: TPoint; var Handled: Boolean);
  // we allow 50 times zoom!
  if ScaleFactor < 50 then begin

These two above will control the mouse wheel scroll events. When the Wheel will scroll up it will zoom in and zoom out when scrolling down.

Lastly, select PaintBox1, go to Events once again. Click the [...] button next to OnPaint. Now enter:

procedure TForm1.PaintBox1Paint(Sender: TObject);

This simple code will update the image when it is needed. Especially when it needs redraw (resize the window, minimize/restore, hide/show the window etc.)

Run it!

Now run the project (F9 or Run->Run).

This would show your shiny new form on your screen ready to be played with.

Image zoom in zoom out made with Lazarus in 5 minutes!

This is just a quick example of how to use mouse scroll and image stretching in simple code. You can enhance it if you like.

Thanks to Achmad Davit for requesting this.

Download Sample Code ZIP

You can download the above example tutorial project's source code from here.
Or here.
Size: 566KB
The package contains compiled executable EXE file.



Dan Pearse said...

The above tutorial doesn't clearly explain how to set up the TImage inside the TScrollbox...it mentions a TScrollBar? I guess you would set it up as per the Crop tutorial (also checked from the source provided). Maybe you could provide a link to the Crop tutorial? The file linked to the GoogleDrive is actually the Crop tutorial source too btw.

Sorry to sound like a pain in the a$$. These tutorials are awesome and are a good introduction to the basic components. It is very difficult to find free tutorials at this level, most cover basic Pascal only.

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